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A stunning adventure, the Incredible Tales of Weirdwood Manor is unique interactive experience… the future of digital storytelling. It’s part book, part game, and part animated film, brought together on the iPad. This is much more than a regular eBook — we call it a ‘Living Novel’.

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The Books

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Dangerous Drawings

Things seem to be looking up for Oliver Gryffon. He is one of three winners of the illustrious Weirdy competition and is on his way meet his hero, the incredible Arthur Weirdwood!

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The Master's Three

Things are starting to get interesting. After a brief tour of the Manor, Oliver makes some new friends—with remarkable talents of their own—and they all finally meet their gracious host.


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Beyond the Dhor

The children need to work together to unlock a most unusual door, behind which might lie an explanation for their talents and a glimpse of who Arthur really is.


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Maze of Words

The children join Arthur at what appears to be the centre of both the Manor and somewhere—no, something— else? This is a place unlike any they’ve seen. A place of power. A place of magic.


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Magic's Curse

Arthur introduces the children to his greatest invention and helps them realize their true potential, but not before things take a turn for the worse…


The Characters

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Oliver Gryffon

Oliver is a handsome and troubled boy, whose life has been surrounded by misfortune and strange rumour. He’s quiet (some might say brooding) but not because he’s shy. Oliver has always felt a little bit set-apart from everyone else – never feeling like he belongs – and his “problems” just reinforce that separation. People tend to think of him as strange – or even cursed.

Celia Mei

At first glance Celia may appear to be a beautiful, sweet, 12-year-old whose biggest concerns are with makeup and clothes. In reality, however, she’s a proud, strong-willed, intelligent and extremely talented young lady (and more than a little bit spoiled). Celia has an almost preternatural way with words. She is incredibly persuasive, and almost always gets her own way.

Eugene Donalds

Eugene is a self-proclaimed uber-nerd. He is quirky, quick-witted, inquisitive, and has a constant smirk that seems to say he’s always about to tell another joke. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things sci-fi and fantasy – whether it’s books, movies, TV, games or comics. He is very suspicious of authority figures, and is prone to believe in wild conspiracy theories.

Arthur Weirdwood

Known and loved the world-over for his many enchanting storybooks, wind-up toys and strange inventions, Arthur Weirdwood is nonetheless a mysterious, reclusive and incredibly eccentric man surrounded in rumour. Ever since the strange disappearance of his young apprentice William Booke, he’s withdrawn more and more from the world.

Ms. Brimley

Ms. Brimley is the well-meaning, if not slightly annoying host for the children during their visit to Weirdwood Manor. She is somewhat flighty and while friendly to the kids, she does treat them much younger than they actually are. She is very excited to be at Weirdwood Manor, but doesn’t seem to really notice the mysterious things that happen.


Walter Tinsworth, the loyal, intelligent and very capable automaton-valet of Arthur Weirdwood, is the pragmatic balance to Arthur’s eccentricity. A wise and tactful automaton, he is a loyal servant capably organizing Arthur’s life, and fixing any awkward situations he may stumble into. Arthur and Tinsworth are the closest of friends and most trusted conspirators.

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  • Oliver Gryffon
  • Celia Mei
  • Eugene Donalds
  • Arthur Weirdwood
  • Ms. Brimley
  • Tinsworth

The Features

Beautiful Artwork

Beautiful Artwork

From pencil sketches to fully rendered 3D models, no details were spared.

Weirdwood seamlessly melds 3D characters and objects with meticulous matte-painted finishes to create environments so rich, the magic is almost palpable.

Mysterious Story

Strange things happen around him. Scary things.

Follow our heroes Oliver, Celia, and Eugene as they uncover a dark and deadly secret that has been haunting the gloomy hallways of Weirdwood Manor for decades.

Mysterious Story
Games & Puzzles

Games & Puzzles

Advance the story by completing puzzles as you go.

Oliver may be the main character, but he needs some help along the way. The puzzles in the app are tightly integrated into the story and allow the reader to discover the secrets of  Weirdwood.

Reading Tools

We’re here to help, if you need it.

Read the story at your own pace, hear it read aloud, or even record your own voice and hear it read back to you! Early readers can use Read Along mode to make words glow as they’re read.

Reading Tools
Hidden Content

Hidden Content

Discover Weirdwood lore, hidden on each page.

Learn more about Weirdwood and the Land of Fey by discovering extra, collectible content hidden throughout the story and revealed by tapping in secret places and sequences.

The Infinite Collection

The Weirdwood story platform will allow for more authors, stories, and styles.

Weirdwood is a world where anything is possible. After our launch, we’ll begin working with storytellers from around the globe to add even more stories!

Infinite Collection
Story Builder

Intuitive Story Builder

Build your own animated stories with ease.

Our goal is to spark children’s imagination and give them a tool to develop it! As the reader progresses in the story, a second ‘locked’ app is revealed that allows them to easily create their own stories.